Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sandi's Front Yard

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5"x7" soft pastel on homemade support

I'm still experimenting with the sanded boards I made a couple of weeks ago. I like the texture and it forces me to remain "Impressionistic" with the application of color. I want to have the brush strokes of the support showing thru. I also want to suggest what I see around me instead of details. There are so many values and different colors in nature, it would take a great deal of time to try and capture a fraction of them.
Sandi is a dear friend of mine that lives in Ottumwa, IA. She has flowers, vegetables, trees, and shrubs covering every square inch of her yard. Her statement - she doesn't like to mow. Her plants have gradually spilled over into the yards of her next door neighbors and you can see her influence when driving down the block she lives on. I live several miles away and I have to admit, it's the same in my yard as well. She has sent many a plant start home with me and the ground where we live has become a living canvas.
Thank you Sandi!

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