Thursday, April 9, 2009

In the Pink

Size: 20"x 10" Oil
I tend to create floral paintings starting now in April. Anxious for planting new things and watching established plants bloom. It's so nice to be back into painting. Haven't been able to do much of this for 2 years. My dominate hand is as good as it's going to get after surgery last August. I've given up doing pencil commissions. They're just too hard to do. My handwriting has changed in that I write smaller and try not to write a great deal.
I think I'd have a very difficult time if I couldn't hold a brush. Even this activity has to be measured. I have to take more breaks then I would've in the past. The upside of this is it forces me to sit back and "study" the direction a work is going. I'm more aware of the colors I use and how they play laying next to each other. What fun it is to create!!!!!!!!!!!

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