Thursday, December 24, 2015

Largest "Skyscape" so far.....

Here's how my  palette has looked through out the process of creating the "skyscape" you'll see in this post.

Above is a view of the work showing the red underpainting and where my palette sits to the right.  Working from my plein air set up has truly become habit...indoors or out.  After seeing how sturdy my friend Jessica Kirby's tripod is that she uses with the Lammert plein air set, I had to order myself one and I've fallen in love with it.  The painting box my husband makes works GREAT with it.

 Oil on 3- 36"x 24" Gallery wrapped stretched canvases. (36"x 72" shown here). 

 I've painted the sides so the canvases can be hung with space between them or as shown here.    The camera really doesn't give this piece justice.  The magenta color and blues near the horizon line aren't as out of focus and as bright as they appear here.  No matter how I adjust the camera or try adjusting the image on our computer, it still reads as you see above.

This painting will be part of a group of skyscape works I'm creating for a 2 person art exhibit  Feb. 1st -March 7th at the Indian Hills Community College, Ottumwa, IA campus.  The other artist is my daughter, Mika Sorak.

  IHCC has a fabulous high end gallery that can easily showcase up to 120 or more paintings plus sculpture space.  Hopefully I'll remember to take a few snapshots when we have the artist's reception when the show opens.


  1. Beautiful Gin! Reminds me of the last couple weeks. It's interesting that the parts of your painting that the camera has trouble rendering are the same things it has trouble capturing from life. So you've done a pretty convincing job with your subject!

  2. Beautiful! It is so hard to get the colour show correctly in photographs sometimes, isn't it? Good luck with getting ready for the show and Merry Christmas!