Monday, June 9, 2014

Drawing Class Sat., June 14th

students creating value scale during a VFS class

I have 2 Drawing classes set for this Sat., June 14th to be held at the Stone House in Bentonsport, IA.  These classes are offered through the Villages Folk School of Van Buren County, Iowa.

Drawing I will be held in the morning.  It's designed for those individuals that feel they can't draw but want to learn the basics of how to translate what they see to paper.
Drawing II is during the afternoon and will consist of warm up exercises followed by time to create a finished detailed drawing.  

Students have the option to attend one or both classes and may work from either  the still life set up created that day, or from photos they bring to class.  
.......about the location.......
The Stone House is the newest addition of space available in Bentonsport Iowa.  It is handicap accessible and is centrally located in the community. (On the main hwy of J40 - directly North of the Business District).

You may register for these classes in advance via the folk school website or call the number they offer on their website.  Third option is to pay the day of the workshop.  For more information, please contact me either by email: or my cell 641-208-5968.