Thursday, April 3, 2014

"The Clancy's"

~click on image to enlarge~

40"x30" Oil on stretched canvas

I was able to get a better picture of this oil painting I did last month.  It's hard for me to capture a true likeness of a work when there's a lot of really dark colors.  The handle of the rifle is distinct from Nancy's gown in the painting.   

This couple used to travel to participate in Civil War Enactments through out the Midwest.  Brent moved on last year, to walk a higher path with God.  Nancy has since opened an antique store on the West side of the business square in Bloomfield Iowa. She shares her knowledge and passion of the Civil War era with anyone that is interested.   

This year during the enactment of a raid near Bloomfield (always held on the second weekend in October), there is plans for an evening  formal ball in period dress.  I may be taking my oldest Granddaughter to this event.  Definitely want my camera with me.  Nancy plans to help us out with the appropriate dress code for  the time.