Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sneak Pick at What's on the Easel

~ click image to enlarge ~
I've been doing my best to finish up the book illustration I've been commissioned to do.  I thought I'd give everyone a look at what the easel designated for pastel works (home studio) looks like while working on this project.
I have two separate areas at home that have easels set up.  Where I work with pastels is a room that I can close the door from the rest of the keep our cat "Obie" out of mischief.

He doesn't seem to mess with the easel I paint with oils on.  It's located in a general area of our home.  I can easily cover the paints there so he doesn't track through them.  Pastel sticks are a whole different issue.  I could see him take one and RUN!!!!!!