Friday, May 24, 2013

Experimenting with palette knife painting...

It was an interesting experiment having students try something out of there "comfort zone" in class last night.  The LAST picture above shows the use of a limited palette.....nothing of what the color of the actual pear set up was showing this student.  She had to focus on the "values" she saw before her and match her color scheme accordingly.

The other student for the evening (at TOP) easily became agitated  working with so much paint on her canvas....pushing things around with a knife.  Her style of painting is conservative, thin layers of color applied by brush to canvas. 

Keeping the "simple-single still life" set up allowed us to finish a work in a very short time.

Next week we're talking about how color "temperature" affects our mood in creating, along with the viewers reaction to a finished work.  The subject focus will be the Landscape!