Saturday, March 23, 2013

Colourfix Primer Experiments

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"Sunshine through the Window" 9.5"x 7"  soft pastel on primed canvas
So, here's the painting from working at my home computer monitor .  I'm experimenting with Art Spectrum Colourfix Primer and this picture was created on Master Touch primed canvas. 
One coat of the colourfix primer applied.....and there's enough "tooth" that I easily layered colors here.  When done, turned over the work and tapped the back to knock off any loose pigment.  Very little came off.  Yes, I'm very pleased!  I think the only time I'll ever have to use fixative spray will be when creating on Mi Tentes Canson paper. 
So the next surface I've applied this primer to is 140 lb. watercolor paper. 
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"Bowl of Freshness"  7"x9.5"  soft pastel
The texture of the cold press watercolor paper dominates here.  You can barely see brush strokes made from applying the colourfix primer.

Now.....on foamboard.......
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"Immortalized"  9.5"x7"  soft pastel on board
Brush strokes applying the primer are very clear on this smooth surface.  I really like the affect.  You can clearly see this in the highlighted area of the bowl.

These were objects at a fellow artists home (Marybeth Heikes, watercolorist )  These were sitting back in a corner of her studio bookshelves...drawing me in to their mystery.  The pottery piece with brushes were almost all hidden in shadow.  It was a
"What's this" moment when looking around for something to paint.  (I believe they were placed there so the Heikes's indoor cats wouldn't mess with the brushes....they have 4 BIG and curious place is sacred.)

Marybeth says the cats try and help her paint almost every time she's at her watercolor table.  If she walks away for a second...they'll be laying on  fresh paint or licking from the water brush container.