Sunday, February 26, 2012

First Pastel workshop in New Studio!

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This was the first One Day Pastel workshop held in the new studio in Bentonsport, Feb. 25th, 2012.  I think everyone had a good time....we laughed, shared stories and I was very impressed with everyone's progress for being 1st timers to this medium.  (3 out of the 5 had never worked with soft pastels before)

All the workshops I'm now hosting will be held here. (Upstairs of the Greef General Store in Bentonsport.  Side door entry)  Dates for workshops are listed on my website    You can sign up by contacting me directly  or from the Villages Folk School site...   
The next "Drawing" workshop is coming up...March 3rd.  "Pastel"...March 10th.

Wanting to give a unique Mother's Day gift?  Consider signing her and yourself up for the weekend workshop May 5th & 6th for Oil and Pastel.  Beginners welcomed along with those that already enjoy working in these mediums.  Class size is limited...up to 7 max.

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