Sunday, January 22, 2012

In Memory of Suzi

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Size: 17.5"x13.5"    Soft Pastel on Wallis paper

Here's a portrait of a beloved pet for a client of mine that lives in Colorado.  She saw my work in Bentonsport, IA and commissioned this piece from her own favorite snapshot photos.  The background was added to show location of trees in the rockies.  She was actually sitting in snow at the owners residence.  Playing in the snow was one of her favorite things to do.

Suzi's coat has rich accents of brown, deep rust, cobalt blue and grays mixed with the black.  A lot of the color doesn't show up well in this image......only best appreciated by viewing the original.  I've found most my pastels are like this.  I use a variety of hues to create the illusion of form in my works.  I feel this creates more drama in a painting exploring adventure for the viewer.

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