Wednesday, May 26, 2010

At the Beginning

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What a Wonderful surprise when I made it to Iron & Lace Shop yesterday morning. Someone had picked an Iris and had it in a jar of water in the backroom. I moved it to the front desk and set up to paint. I'm glad I don't need a HUGE space to get started with my pastels. I have a challenge with lighting but I'm going to try and finish the work today. Took a photo....that may be the way I finish this work. It's cloudy/rainy outside this morning and the best light I had to start this was from afternoon sunshine yesterday. We'll see when I arrive this's always an adventure ...never know how the days activities will unfold. More people are traveling about of late and I'm thankful they're finding their way to the store in Bentonsport, IA. Busy!Busy!Busy!

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