Friday, October 30, 2009


18"x12" soft pastel on canson paper

I'm still having trouble photographing my work. I have made adjustments, and applied the information given online to create better images with my digital.......I still have trouble with the blues being more vibrant then what the original is.

In this painting, there is more going on in the lower dark area then what the camera has picked up. It's ever so slight, but there are shadows among the shadows to help give a feeling of depth to the water tower.

This piece was started at the John Preston Pastel Workshop I attended Sat., Oct. 24th, 2009. I had gotten away from using Canson paper for my pastel work. This reintroduced me to an old friend and something I really didn't do before......the use of the side of my hand to blend with. Yes, something I don't think I would do when using sanded pastel paper.

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